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Definitely had their share price rise perhaps too much over the last two to three years. I mean, it is great to have a strong financial backer like Altria, but they are trading a valuations that are just too high. By no means am I disparaging company management, my downgrade is just a reflection of […]

The whole round took a bit over 4 hours to complete with five

We bite, and the reward is a plate of silvery grilled fish with little more than olive oil and fresh cilantro to dress it.Cuba isn’t known for ceviche. The chef just happens to like it a lot. Indeed, he devotes a whole category to the dish, which relies on sushi grade seafood and a few […]

When something is proven false in the church you get called an

This is the only thing that I dislike about guys who glorify cunnilingus and masturbating women. It doesn work as well as simply being HAWT, and they just making up for the lack of attractiveness. I find it kind of pathetic. Heartland: An incredibly unattractive, tile laying game that is cutthroat and deceptively deep. You […]

The lucky few die in a grisly but quick manner

We constructed this inclusive sense of Canadian identity deliberately. In the span of a few decades, Canada transformed from a country that viewed the racial and cultural diversity found within it as a threat to one that now understands and champions it as an asset. Official multiculturalism, laws that promote pluralism and the recognition of […]

We must be wary of entanglement with those whose positions

People on reddit think they are clever, moking the title thinking the guy who wrote is out of touch, but it very likely that this guy is a marketing specialist and knows people here are dumb and will give them free advertisement over something this. People instantly payed attention to him. I have a picture […]

The mother should be able to put the correct info on the birth

Keeping my feelings in is probably why I haven’t really had any dating experience, i haven’t tried to ask anyone out in an obvious way in like 5 years lol. Also as an INTJ I’m a very Canada Goose Outlet analytical person so I usually don’t do anything for no reason. I usually take a […]