Never in my life have I ever muttered the words “fuck that” so

Do not message moderators individually canada goose factory sale about posts not appearing in the new queue or ban appeals. Messages should be sent as a modmail to /r/Videos. I very skeptical of corporate media and think that there a lot of bullshit in Hollywood movies. I had foreigners come visit me a few times […]

Cool fact about my work: My workplace

What will happen to his cat?: And what does he know? (Reis Thebault) The Investigations FORMER OBAMA WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL INDICTED: Greg Craig, former president Barack Obama’s first White House counsel, on Thursday became the first prominent Democrat to be indicted as part of the larger orbit of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, our colleagues […]

WHNT News 19 revealed the number of promoting prison

investigator says inmates get creative when bringing in contraband MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. WHNT News 19 revealed the number of promoting prison contraband cases moving canada goose coats through the Marshall County Court System during canada goose store our Taking Action Investigation: Bad behavior. There are currently 20 cases. The Marshall County Circuit Court’s Office canada […]

Narcissism is truly difficult to spot in everyday life because

I have seen similar cases like these, once a mother delivered a baby with 6 fingers. She thought an extra finger meant bad luck/devil/whatever and cut it herself. The child died due to bleeding and infection. To be honest, that piece of paper is incredibly important. You can have a marriage without ceremony or telling […]

A lot of shows are blurring these lines lately so I don think

EDIT: Wow! Thank you for all the upvotes! For clarification, this occurred during the summer of 2014; based on the content of the paper, it was made clear that this person thought the only function of the phone camera was to take selfies. One thing I always encouraged hermes bag replica them to do was […]