And if they had, they would have sent up an alarm which any

Think of those ice blue tones. Don’t they just bring chills up the spine? When cooler tones are used in a photo, giving the image an overall blue cast, it can add a variety of connotations to the image. A model might appear more sad, more distanced from the viewer think of feeling blue. […]

The Prime trilogy appeals immensely to that vision

I heard some conflicting opinions about 5. I agree that characters definitely need to be planned out before the start of the story. However, I uncertain about the amount of detail to go into when planning out characters. But the scientist in the article seems to be genuinely invested in keeping it healthy. He was […]

His grades were average, he became president of Young Labor, a

So no you wrong, if you go by population, the majority of the US has way higher than the national minimum wage, its basic logic and simple math. The biggest citites have the largest populations of poor people, and a huge percentage of people on welfare have access to 15$ minimum wage jobs yet they […]

You are not tied down so you have more opportunity to grow

My kids are starving, my pets have already died, we had to eat them. Please just lose once Mrs Trump, I beg of you, we ran out of food and water, but the train just keeps going, The conductor died of exhaust since he had no time to sleep while he was driving the […]

Whether the President and/or his campaign illegally worked

It hilarious! We have all these bans on texting, but yes you are right. Doing makeup/hair and eating/drinking contribute to more accidents. Also this post rubs me the wrong way, because it an obvious fact. Repeatedly messaging the moderators on a constant basis and/or with intentional hostility is a violation of rule 4. We are […]