Over the past seven years, abandoned landmark buildings and

The drone (example) takes flight, explodes a second later, and then 15 second cooldown. This happens everywhere, inside and outside of combat it has nothing to do with being hit by enemies.Definitely wasn happening prior to this patch. Anyone figure out a workaround for this? It making many skills (especially the ones I unlocked so far) completely useless.TEMPORARY WORK AROUND: REMOVE ALL COOLDOWN REDUCTION ANYTHING FROM YOUR BUILD.While this seems to not eliminate the problem in all instances, it has gone a long way in helping many I discussed this with.

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fake hermes belt vs real Reinvestment Fund provided vital capital that galvanized the community and economy. Over the past seven years, abandoned landmark buildings and classic theaters have been renovated and reopened, new housing and arts studios built and dozens of small businesses launched and expanded in the community. All that activity has boosted the local economy and made it easier for recipients to repay Reinvestment Fund, in turn allowing it to fund other projects. fake hermes belt vs real

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